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You can afford to take the first step to a better life with Permanent Solutions!

Appointments can be done in person or via teletherapy/

e-counseling using audio or video conferencing.

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It's Time to Hit the Reset Button on Your Life

Often when we get overwhelmed with life or find ourselves up against a challenge we can’t seem to overcome, we dream of pushing a “life reset” button. Though there is no such button, YOU do have the power within you to start fresh. No matter how old or young, or where you are in your life, you can decide today to change your circumstances. The first step on the path to better days is to make an appointment for counseling at Permanent Solutions.


Of course, you’re probably wondering if you can afford this first step. We’re sure you can fit this well-being expense into your monthly budget. Our fees are based on hourly sessions and are relative to what you would pay for routine car maintenance, health and beauty treatments, or dinner for two at a nice restaurant.

Insurance Accepted


Permanent Solutions accepts insurance from over a dozen providers.  If you have a PPO plan, you may have coverage for a counselor or therapist through a flex plan. Please be sure to check first with your insurance provider to verify they will reimburse you for your sessions.  


For those who don’t have medical insurance, we offer a fee structure customized to your needs and the length of counseling you desire.  We have created a sliding scale that is manageable and accessible. We offer a sliding scale with hourly rates ranging from $50 - $150. Payment options include cash, check, credit card, Health Savings Account (HSA), Apple Pay, and Venmo.


Payment is due at each session. By making an appointment with Permanent Solutions, you're reserving a time slot specifically for you. Therefore, if you need to cancel your appointment, please call at least 24 hours prior to your appointment to notify us. If appointments are missed without proper cancellation notice, you will be billed for the full amount of the session.

To inquire about our fee structure, please e-mail our office or call the office at (989) 839-2292

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