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We focus on finding the best solution for YOU not on the problem.

Appointments can be done in person or via teletherapy/

e-counseling using audio or video conferencing.

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Healing Takes Many Little Steps Along the Path to a Better Life

Your well-being is the sum of who you are. No one part of you can be whole unless all the parts are working in unison, balance, and harmony. Sometimes when our body is out of sync and we are faced with overcoming a challenge it requires us to seek advice and guidance from another who has the experience and education to help us be whole again.


Whether you’re on the path to overcoming a trauma, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), addiction, mental health disorder, or some other life challenge, our counseling services at Permanent Solutions can help you heal and take control of your life once again, one step at a time.  Counseling can be done in-person or via teletherapy/e-counseling using audio or video conferencing, and can be done individually or as a couple/family.

Counseling is Different at Permanent Solutions

Since the problem is only a symptom of the condition we look at your coping mechanisms to help you discover why your emotions and past experiences have led you down a path to the unhealthy life you’re living today.  At your personalized counseling sessions, we will talk about your thoughts, feelings, and experiences. We will draw upon your strengths, values, beliefs, coping mechanisms, and support systems. Together, we will create a road map through a proven path to recovery that gets you back on the road to a great life and back to the life you deserve to live.

More importantly, the difference you’ll notice at Permanent Solutions is that our counselor knows there is no magic pill or overnight cure.  She knows what it takes to turn those curves along the road into a straight path to a better life. Step by step, a path will be created that works for you today, tomorrow, and the rest of your life.

Start walking YOUR path to a better life TODAY! Contact our office or send the counselor an e-mail

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