Permanent Solutions is your resource for counseling and psychotherapy in Midland and the Great Lakes Bay Region of mid-Michigan.

Turn Those Curves of Life Straight to the Great Life You Were Meant to Live


The road to an easy life does not exist.  Life is unpredictable and forever changing. Every day we encounter trials and tribulations. Some are small while others are larger than life. We can let those moments define us, destroy us, or strengthen us.   


When life is unfair it may seem like a black cloud is hanging over you.  The challenges of life can feel overwhelming at times.  Some of us seek positive coping mechanisms while others find solace in unhealthy alternatives.   At Permanent Solutions, we understand the challenges of life. If you’re struggling with a life challenge you can’t seem to beat, we want to talk with you.

Your Path to a Great Life Matters


We will walk with you down the road of life to win your battle with trauma, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), addictions, mental health disorders, and other life challenges you or a loved one may be facing. Together, we will create a road map that takes you to better days. 

Click here to view a list of challenges covered through counseling at Permanent Solutions. 

Start walking YOUR path to a better life TODAY!  Contact our office to schedule an appointment with our counselor, who is experienced in dealing with trauma, PTSD, addictions, mental health disorders, couple counseling, and many other challenges of life.  Call (989) 839-2292 or send the counselor an e-mail.

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TAKE NOTE – Technology is great when it works.  Unfortunately, many map/direction apps tend to send clients to our old address even when using the address listed above.  So, please be aware that our office is located on the west end of Main Street in downtown Midland.  We are directly across for the Midland County Courthouse on the corner of W. Main Street and Fitzhugh Street.  Entrance is at the rear of the building, adjacent to the parking lot at the corner of Fitzhugh Street and W. Larkin Street.
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